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Residential Pest Control

Pest Control Service Plans
All our pest control service plans are customized with service guarantees and unlimited additional calls, if needed.

  1. Bi-monthly service
  2. Quarterly service
  3. Once annual service

Commercial and Industrial Pest Control

IPM - Pest Control Of The New Millennium

Integrated pest management (IPM) is socially acceptable, environmentally responsible and economically practical method of controlling pest populations. IPM incorporates a variety of cultural, biological and chemical methods to efficiently manage pest populations while lowering dependence on chemical means of control. IPM, through its multi-tactical approach:
1) lessens the potential for pesticide resistance
2) limits human exposure to pesticides and
3) lowers the environmental impact of pest management.

Termite Control

Your Real Enemy
A heavy infestation could mean up to 250,000 of these white worker termites working 24 hours a day searching for and eating wood.

Termite Highways
Subterranean termites usually nest in the ground and build tunnels into your home. They need earth moisture every 24 hours and the wood in your home. Bio-Tech Chemical Treatment stops this cycle.

The Reproducers
The kings and queens are the swarmers. They don't do the actual damage, their children do. A queen may live for thirty years, producing dozens, possibly hundreds of eggs each day.

Termite Control Service Plans

  1. Conventional liquid treatment.
  2. Limited spot treatment for commercial buildings.
  3. Bio-Tech has maintained a high rating with the Better Business Bureau, and is a recipient of Consumers' Choice Award For Business Excellence.


There are several things you can do as a home owner to help prevent or avoid termite infestations including: